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North East & North Yorkshire Professional Wedding Photographer

Wedding, Portrait & Event Photography North East & North Yorkshire

A little Introduction:

I’m a professional wedding photographer based on the North Yorkshire and Durham borders covering Middlesbrough, Darlington, Durham, Stockton to Newcastle & York weddings, predominantly;  I'm ideally placed for North East wedding photography; However, I do love a little adventure and will happily travel to your little or lavish, shindig or soiree wherever your wedding celebrations may be.

I've been a full-time photographer for over 10 years and  have completed assignments for leading FTSE 100 companies, local government, NHS, schools, universities to on location with the MOD, I do this for real, professionally.  Wedding photography is the majority of my work; it is the genre I enjoy photographing the most.

Why wedding photography?  We all know the plot outline: two people find each other, this is 2018 it's no longer just boy meets girl.  Now there are even more how we met stories, more wedding plots, diverse and fun wedding, marriage and civil celebrations for me to photograph, super.  Here you both are; about to get hitched, awesome.

Individuality is  what makes every wedding an enjoyable photographic feast for me, to be able to watch your story unfold throughout your wedding day, at your chosen wedding venue and all styled to reflect  your personality.

So, though we may think we know the general plot outline: happy couple about to get hitched; your family and friends - the players in your wedding story - are always the unique supporting cast to you, the two headliners, stars of your show and central to the unfolding of your wedding story.

There are many events that have you here today: looking for an awesome wedding photographer - wink - someone to capture your story, your events, your celebrations... that someone could be me.

Give me a call and talk to me about your story.

Documentary style creative wedding photography

You already know I'll be a contented observer, watching and working, as your wedding is created by you and your wedding guests.  My aim is to mix the best of natural documentary style wedding photography with, I like to think, a little creative flair and fun photos too.  I'll look to use natural and available light though I have my flash and LED too.

I  want you enjoy your wedding as I and many couples I speak with think it makes for the very best wedding photography.  Indeed many couples, who later comment, say they hardly realised I was there; which is a good recommendation for a unit like me to go unobtrusively present.

I will be more than happy to photograph your wedding without even the most gently posed couple portraits or a gaggle, or more, of group photos; however, some, many... most, couples request a few formal couple and group photos: not a problem, I can do that and as ever it will be relaxed, fun and as natural as can be.

Click this link: to view wedding photos video - opens in new window

Wedding Photography Packages & Prices
The Pre Wedding shoot:

Once you've booked me and because everyone likes a little freebie, I offer you a complementary pre-wedding shoot

You don't have to do it, the choice is yours.  However its a super, getting to know you, bimble about the beach, woodland or other scenic place and will allow you to experience how relaxed and fun having your photo taken should be.  I usually organise your PWS 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day.

It is also the perfect time to finalise your wedding photography album and package choices, finalise your group photo requests, confirm your schedule - always good for me to know timings - and of course take some photos.

FAQ's - relax, you’re in safe hands:

Here's how wedding photography assignments regularly progress:


  1. Your first question should be: are you available on our wedding date?  Most are booked 20-8 months ahead.
  2. We meet, discuss your wedding plans, view some albums & presentation options.
  3. A small booking fee secures your wedding day; many photographers ask for half.
  4. Pre-wedding shoot (PWS), meeting, 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding we meet & finalise details.
  5. You've finalised your choices your balance can be paid between now & four weeks prior.
  6. WEDDING DAY - real, natural & happy photos.
  7. You're on honeymoon - I'm designing your digital proof album.
  8. How long until you see your photos?  Less than 4 weeks, proof album and digital images available online.
  9. Password protected online gallery for you and your friends to view your photos.
  10. How long until you get your wedding album?  Usually ready 4 weeks after you OK it to be printed.


The majority of my wedding photography assignments are in the North East & North Yorkshire region: Middlesbrough, Guisborough, Durham, Darlington, York & Newcastle however I'm able to travel throughout the UK and Europe is not a problem.


Download my Wedding Photography Packages & Prices PDF for information regarding destination wedding photography.

Click this link: to view wedding photos video - opens in new window

  • Elegance

    Elegant & luxurious wedding albums by Epoca of Italy.


    • £1750 - 12x12 Album, 30 pages.
    • Wedding day coverage up to 21:00
    • Extensive range of covers and finishes to choose from.
    • Designer presentation wedding album bag case.
    • Metallic paper with satin laminate pages
    • Silver gilded edges to pages.
    • 450-550 - High resolution digital images - usually
    • Complimentary pre-wedding photo session (PWS)
    • Password protected online wedding photo gallery .
    • FREE MP4 wedding photofilm video (usually £250 )
    • Click to download Wedding Photography Packages PDF



    • £155 - Extra 10 pages
  • Champagne

    One of my most popular wedding albums and packages.   High quality wedding album with real photographic papers & a real leather cover at no extra cost.


    • £1295 – 12x12 Album, 30 pages
    • Wedding day to 21:00.
    • Real leather, Canvas or Linen album cover
    • 300-500 High resolution digital images
    • Complimentary pre-wedding photo session (PWS)
    • Password protected online wedding photo gallery.
    • FREE MP4 wedding photofilm video (usually £250 )
    • Click to download  Wedding Photography Packages PDF



    • £50 - Acrylic cover
    • £125 - Extra 10 pages
    • £25 - Metallic paper double page spread
  • Celebration

    Modern chic Italian styled, designed & crafted wedding album


    • £995 - 12x12 - 30 pages, photo or material cover,



    • £100 per extra hour, including images
    • £125 Per extra 10 pages
    • £100 - per 100 - Extra high resolution digital images
    • £50 - Matching presentation box with perspex magnetic lid


    Offer - £1295 - 30 page album, coverage to 21:00, 450-550 images & FREE MP4 wedding photofilm video (usually £250 )

  • Digitally I Do

    For couples wanting only wedding photography and high resolution digital images.


    • £995 - All Wedding, up to 21:00 & 450-550 high res' digital images.
    • £695 - Up to 5 hours & up to 200 high resolution digital images
    • £100 per extra hour including digital images
    • FREE MP4 wedding photofilm video (usually £250 ) with any 8+ hour service
    • Complimentary pre-wedding photo session (PWS)
    • Password protected online wedding photo gallery.
    • Click to download Wedding Photography Packages PDF