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North East & North Yorkshire Wedding Photographs



A selection of wedding photos from venues around the North East & North Yorkshire that show both the candid and natural style of reportage, journalistic wedding photography but also a creative and editorial element that lend themselves to large artworks for your home.


The end of the wedding video illustrates something I feel is very important, especially for key wedding album photos.  It shows a real scene, unscripted as it happened and how I was able to remove distractions that had entered the scene in the edit, that would have ruined a key wedding album photo and memory.


To be honest, it's mainly fire exit signs and other little distractions that need removing from key album photos, it is a pet dislike of mine when I see them left in album photos, I remove them where I can.


Allowing the happy couple time and space to be themselves I was in able to imagine the moment they had mentioned to me prior to the wedding: "we'd like a shot of the two of us, the sea & cliffs.."  and seeing the scene in front of me allowed them to walk on, waited for a moment between them and captured a real moment.


There are times to get a little creative, if that is what you want  - and it does take both a little more time and cooperation though the results can be both fun and spectacular.  I'm not a photographer that will have you or your guests pulling fake and fabricated poses that may look good in vogue though will have you cringing before long.


From the wedding video you can see natural, relaxed couples and a few creative wedding photos, from various venues.  It starts with a little creative silhouetted wedding photo of bride & groom in their wedding car on a rainy evening at Crathorne Hall.


A black & white wedding photos at Wynyard Hall with the couple between the stone columns as sun breaks over the roof line with parked cars removed from the scene in edit.


A black & white wedding photo at Crathorne Hall of a bride & groom on the lawns at night with Crathorne floodlit as a backdrop.


The majority of the wedding photos are all natural as they happened without any input from me, I anticipate and position myself to be able to capture real moments - the little flower girl and her friend walking over the bridge after the wedding ceremony.  A few have a little help in organisation, especially group photos though again I let people be themselves.


I'd asked the groom to place his hand on the small of his brides back to hold the veil in place as it was a little breezy, then for one shot I just asked to let the breeze do it's thing for a few seconds.  That wedding photo was taken in the grounds of Judges, for me possibly the finest grounds in the area.


Once of my favourite first dance photos was taken at The Mansion House in Leeds, I positioned myself facing what towards the light I liked most as a warm backdrop filled with their guests and the couple just turned and kissed.  After the face, it is said the hands are the most expressive body part, and this wedding photo captures the moment for me.


Sometimes you just get lucky, the rainbow in the distance of the couple standing on the wall was a wedding photo taken just outside Richmond in North Yorkshire.


One of my favourite wedding photos taken at Crathorne Hall was at an autumn wedding in a little wooded glade, I just like the light and texture of the trees with complement the relaxed happy couple gently smiling, holding hands as they look into each others eyes.


It's not just the big panoramic, dramatic or creative wedding photos I want to capture, another wedding photo I love was taken in the grounds of Gisborough Hall and shows the lace of the wedding dress resting on the small stones of a footpath.  I really liked the contrast of texture and capture the little wedding detail photos too.


Knowing how to use my equipment to create dramatic wedding photos, especially how to use light, can help create some memorable wedding photos without the couple having to do anything other than enjoy themselves - it's all in the anticipation, planning and comes with experience.


If you're planning a wedding and like my wedding photos, call or email and if I'm still available, we can arrange an appointment to discuss your wedding plans.