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A newly arrived bundle of joy

No, not a baby, another fabulous wedding album filled with happy memories & bound perfectly in a steel leather & canvas photo cover combination that would look all swanky on the Oscar's red carpet.

Many select Acrylic as for their album cover, I just love the texture that canvas gives. You can see the little pimples in the photo - it's what I focused on for this shot. Another bonus of choosing canvas is it reduces the weight of the album & also reduces the risk of breaking the spine of the album when opening - always best viewed on a flat surface, don't let the pages hang past level.

Professionally printed wedding album, yes there is a cost involved though colour matched & high quality professional photographic papers are used in the printing process & binging of the albums by experienced skilled - people - not mass produced machine churned pulp.

This wedding album was printed on Lustre photographic paper which is very forgiving with skin tones & still allows for rich colours. Any B&W image will be photographically printed Black & White free from green or blue cast that cheaper - online - 'labs' produce.

This is one of my Champagne Package albums, which continues to be my most popular wedding package. You don't need to choose a package, fully bespoke service is available at no extra charge.

All my wedding album packages include your digital images & those digital images are the same quality I'd use to print your wedding album, though as formats & technology changes -what can be viewed now, may bot be able to be viewed in years to come. Which is why I always recommend couples print their digital images & why a wedding album is future proof.


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