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Hold the dates..

So, I've just had my first notification of a possible: postponement / date move, for an upcoming wedding - good planning - It's a very distinct possibility & a shrewd move by the couple.

The venue have been 'rather good & accommodating' the couples words, & TBH I'd expect nothing less - we all want to see brides & grooms plus their wedding guests have a fabulous day & in the current epidemic being flexible with changes to a schedule is in everyone's interest.

The original date is still on, though - ..failure to prepare is preparing to fail.. - to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin & by making a backup date & ensuring suppliers & key people are notified the couple can relax a little, their happy day is still, very much, on track.

In these unprecedented times, even with everyone fit & healthy & a venue available, prepared & ready.... could it be the registrars being stopped from conducting wedding ceremonies on - very valid - Health & Safety grounds, that is the cause of a postponement.

I'm 100% certain that everyone is pulling in the right direction to keep people safe & also help couples start their new wedded life together, a little delay may make the wedding celebrations even more emotional, meaningful... memorable.. memorable that is the word!

The image in this post was from a wedding a few years ago now that was postponed & rescheduled. All parties worked together to ensure, when it went ahead, it was a superb wedding day & celebration for all, & was one of the most emotion filled & memorable weddings I've been fortunate enough to cover.

As a final note, always be sure I've a number of numbers, of wedding photographers I've spoken with & whose work I admire to step in should I be the man down on the day.

& as a final, final, addendum in these pandemic times, I'm keeping myself so socially distant that they may start sending search parties for me - to be, in as good a chance of being bug free & fit to work - for upcoming weddings, proms (should they go ahead) & events.


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