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A Hollywood sunset at Satburn beach.

In, tra la la.. America, land.. they do wedding photos a little differently… ‘the first look’ & bridal party photos…couple photos.. are all often the day before the wedding itself… no pressure, no time constraints & no problem... not really real, though very nice...

bride & groom in the colourful beach huts at Saltburn beach

They also do post wedding photos.. such as: trash the dress… which almost every UK bride I’ve mentioned this to has returned a thunderous look... I hardly mention it anymore…

Now, Victoria & Glenn.. whose wedding I covered earlier in the year asked if we could do a little shoot down at Saltburn… with their motorbike ( I think this may have been Glen’s big idea ) with some – staged – shots too… ahh, I thought...

bride & groom in a golden sunset on Saltburn beach

..East coast summer sunset.. I mused… when the sun is round far enough to set along the length of the beach. It only happens for a few months a year. After a couple of postponements we landed a belter: warm, cloudy, gentle breeze and a tide going out, ideal.

So we shot a super chilled, relaxed & easy set of images with only the earth’s rotation & the setting sun as our clock… we missed out on the chippy, though another time for that.

Bride & groom on motorbike with golden sunset  on Saltburn beach

Photo nerd / geek paragraph alert:

Though I have several excellent tools for the job, it was my tiny Fuji X100F that I turned to for my most Hollywood images, for a few reasons: its tiny = no one is intimidated by it, its Fuji & IMHO no one recreates colour like Fuji does, it’s 35mm which as a focal length I just love.. & lastly & mostly – it’s a leaf shutter lens - which means my flash goes to full pop even at 1/1000 sec.. the shutter also makes such a nice, unobtrusive, sound.

and we're back...

As ever, I ask my couple to: forget me, until I ask for something. Be themselves, enjoy the time together, relax & have fun.. no pressure.. we have a laugh, smiles happen easily & we even do some requested ‘staged’ shots too… not my thing... though I’m more than happy to try & create ideas that couples want.

Bride & groom kiss bathed in golden sunset at Saltburn beach

Bride & groom together on Saltburn beach in a sand drawn love heart

So… it was super easy & relaxed… they enjoyed it, I enjoyed it & I really like the images we created. Post wedding shoot… may an American import coming our way soon….

Laughing bride against her groom under Saltburn Pier at sunset


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