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Last orders for Dino @ Wray's Barn Wedding.

Wedding of Jessica & Kyle @ Wray's Barn, Whinstone View.... was not the only big event that day... it was also Dino's last day working there & he'd always fancied himself as something of a crooner we were told by his boss..... so Dino, now is your big chance..

A slightly sheepish Dino was encouraged to step up & belt out a little number to the slightly surprised though very welcoming wedding guests assembled...

Wray's Barn got talent?

While I'm 100% a Wedding Photographer & it's my main focus - creating natural wedding photos you'll love... I'm adding, as you may have guessed, little snippets of video to my services. I've a groovy little idea - I think - for them & I'll be posting the finished article up here soon.... so I'm no wedding videographer, however snippits I can & will do to give you a little extra to remember your wedding day.

Though almost all in the room thought it genuine, The North East Singing Waiters were a little present from Jessica's mum. So Dino & colleague belted out a few numbers. - their website if you want more info. - Wray's Barn Weddings Website - Wedding photography info.


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