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Memory of a sunny summer wedding

A nice sunny wedding day photo from a summer wedding a few years ago. I thought it's a nice bright happy photo & one to post in these lockdown times.

I used this angle to make the colonnade feature in the photo, Stewart Park in Middlesbrough, hired for wedding photos by the happy couple via the local council. It's a very nice location & people are so happy to wish the happy couple good luck & best wishes... also keep out of the couples photos, nice...

Having the couple look at each other saved them from getting blinded by the sun, that's always appreciated by the couple I find.

I took care & dialled in the camera settings to ensure detail was retained in the wedding dress & veil. I do so dislike seeing dresses 'blownout' lacking any detail.

2021 will be here soon enough & I anticipate there will be my jostling over wedding date availability due to rescheduled 2020 weddings. I've already had all my April 2020 & early May weddings postponed & backup dates allocated.

Many couples are still wanting 2020 weddings though some have jumped straight to 2021 & confirmed the dates with their venue & suppliers, including me.

As bad as it is being stuck inside, its an ideal time to start some planning & if you have a 2021 date, get your supplier ducks in a row & booked.


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