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Keep Calm & Carry Prom, Prom Prom..

Manic. Fun, but manic.... prom time. Comes around fast & for a few weeks a year midweek goes full on teenager party time. Some fabulous looking & sounding cars, motorbikes, trucks & tractors to bring them to their prom. I did like the big red tractor though the screaming green metallic Merc was full on.... as was the noise of the swarm of motorbikes.

Getting the hurry up from Gisborough Hall as cars queuing back to the road.... it's not me holding things up.... but people taking photos, which is to be expected... everyone wants their photo. I'm super quick & efficient.

I like to use the venue as a backdrop, natural are always best in my view... though having a backdrop for some indoor big group photos is a good plan too.

This year I've added a little video to the photos, or at least trying to. Did I mention its a bit manic... people walking in front of the camera is to be expected.

This is Outwood Academy Bydales 2019 Prom @ Gisborough Hall.


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