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Snippets from happy days past..

A little video photofilm from happy weddings past at venues around the North East & North Yorkshire including: Judges, Crathorne Hall, Gisborough Hall, Wynyard Hall & Rockcliffe Hall... plus loads more that I've probably missed.

It starts with some - couples together - moments at various venues... a staple of wedding photos. I want to catch the couples personality so though I'll ask them to be together, I want them to be themselves as much as possible.

As much as possible in that.... sometimes if we're getting a little creative with lighting, I will need them to stand in a fairly narrow area - so the light catches them correctly... though even then I want them to be themselves - no forced gurns, smiles & especially posses.

For the majority of a wedding day, I'm away out of sight letting events happen & catching candid natural wedding moments, well.. naturally. Its not just watching, if you listen you can also anticipate a smile or laughter, expressions of joy & happiness.... I find its not the 'punchline' itself that is the moment to catch... but a fraction after when smiles are more photogenic...

A technical highlight of this particular 1920x1080 -16:9 - widescreen HD movie..... is the ratio: 16x9... which is excellent for TV & most mobile photos - if tilted on their side... however & quite bizarrely social media seems to favour square video's as many people only view * & film ) mobile footage while holding their mobiles upright... so I wonder, do I crop square or do I shoot for the big screen?

I've just created & posted a few wedding videos in 3:2 - camera ratio - so I'll see how viewing figures compare.

For still images I love a square photo & my wedding albums tend to be square, though the very popular double page layouts of single images can be accommodated, indeed some of the images in this video were presented as full double page spreads in couples wedding albums.


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