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Un rapide reccy de: Le Petit Chateau.

Le Petit Chateau, a new wedding venue for me, so I headed out this Valentines Day - apparently - to have a little shufty around the venue in time for a forthcoming wedding.

Northumberland, & some twisty, only just, A roads. Sat nav always primed though I do it old school - I drove the unfamiliar bits & junctions on Google Map on my computer prior & recognised my turnoffs for real as I drove - sat nav is for back up. I arrived on time.

Le Petit Chateau, first impressions: fabulous & picturesque boutique wedding venue & much larger inside than I imagined - lots of big space for guests to mingle & nice full width window for lots of natural light.

The chapel was setup, very nice & bright. White walls with a rustic finish that matches the charming look of the decor & good light in the ceremony room itself - photographically I'll be using high but very manageable image settings & though civil ceremonies are generally fine with flash I hate to use it as it ruins the atmosphere & takes away from the couple. The cameras & lenses I use are more than capable of working in this light.

I bumped into Jill tending the garden & noted small bulbs starting to come through, so come the day itself there should be a noticeable burst of colour - I was expertly informed, excellent I like to use foliage in photos in various ways to add colour & depth to a scene.

I've some grand ideas for the trees & the infinity lake plus some group photo possibilities & couple photo for both the day & the evening once the sun starts to set & after too.

If the weather is not idea I've some ideas for wedding photos inside that will look fabulous - it doesn't have to be only if the weather is poor... we can do them also, however its always good to have a plan - hence my little reccy of Le Petit Chateau in accordance with the 5, 6 or 7 P's adage. Google it.

Anyway a little video from the visit today.


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