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Video snippet - photofilm

So.… a little big idea early in 2019... rather than just a photofilm of wedding photos, which has proven popular with couples.... I though, why not add a little motion to the emotion of the wedding day. So I added a little video to my offerings. Here is one of my first from April 2019.

It most certainly is not a replacement for - full wedding video coverage - its just little events throughout the wedding day that may benefit from a few seconds of video in addition to photos: some of the ceremony, confetti & other little moments during the day.. first dance.

Photography & videography are very different & we imagine the moment with a completely changed perspective. The same is true with how we view photos & videos - with a photo I feel you look into the imagine & feel the moment. Each person that views a photo can feel & imagine something unique.... & we can take our time to view the photo, we control the story we are feeling.

With a video the film dictates the pace, that's why we have pause & rewind buttons... & why we'll use both slow & fast motion to evoke a response from the viewer- make a moment last & make something amusing.

So photofilms a little of both & something I think works well for social media & as a wedding memory to carry on a mobile phone.


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