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Your perfect wedding album..

I'm sure you'll have your own idea of styles & design of what constitutes your 'perfect' wedding album. In this post I'll show you a few little, perfectly crafted, Italian designs that I'm able to offer you the choice of... I've albums & books by several suppliers for you to choose from - the choice, as it should be, is all yours..

I first saw these beautiful wedding albums several years ago and I just loved the quality, design & style: a very elegant & luxurious wedding album & such an extensive range of presentation choices for you to choose from & make perfect for you & your wedding photos.

If I'm available for your wedding day, that is the key, I've several examples I can show you. My most popular size are the 30x30xm / 12x12" wedding albums however we can go both larger & smaller.

Its not just about the stunning covers, the quality continues to the printed paper - my preference is for the metallic paper with a satin laminate that allows for the detail & colour to really show at its best yet the satin finish softens harsh glare & reflection.

Silver edged gilding of each page adds a look of sophistication to the closed album as it is gently lifted from the chic leather bag case, which come in black, white or my favorite chocolate brown. Now that could be because it has the word chocolate in it, though I think its the warmer colour tone of the bag itself that makes it the most chosen.

These albums are just one of the two suppliers I use for my Elegance wedding photography package. I'll be adding some new albums in early 2019 from another world leading supplier.


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