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Your School Prom, Once in a Lifetime.

You leave school once & your school prom will not come around again friends you've grown up with & this is your BIG - Once in a Lifetime - end of school event: your school prom.

Arrivals are awesome, I'm a bit of a petrol head & so love all the cars, motorbikes.. scooters & even trucks & limo's all excellent prom transport & as you'll see in my prom slideshow video.. horses are a steed worthy of a grand entrance too.

The sounds of the engines provides a complementary base soundtrack to the colourful excess of prom dresses & sharp suits of the attendees.

I like to capture the events for real as background photos & also a little spotlight & red carpet moment for the stars of the show - you - & your chosen carriage.

Once everyone else has gone & its just your school year group & your prom itself I have a studio style setup at the venue to capture individual, couple & group photos; I also bring a few photo booth style props for you & your friends to have a little fun with - it's not school photo time.. its time to relax & have yourself some fun & photos to match.

So how much & what do you & the school receive? ALL the DIGITAL IMAGES at 60x40cm print ready & sometimes a video, like this, too. Prints are all well & good though the reason I stopped providing them at the event is because they were torn, tattered or lost within minutes of being printed; plus queues formed, it was slow & most of all - each print cost a fair bit of money.

By having your school hire me directly to cover your prom it can work out - cheap as chips, less than in many cases - pre attendee for you & the school to receive ALL the images via download & often within 24hours of the school prom event itself.

Best of all, with them being large full print resolution digital images, they'll print huge also. You can use them for social media, make your own movies & slideshows & obviously print them poster size too.

So, pass on my details to your school prom organising committee & get them to give me a call to discuss covering your once in a lifetime school prom.


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