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Hackness Grange late summer Wedding

A few photos from Hannah & Jamie's wedding at Hackness Grange near Scarborough.

A venue I'd not worked at previously though had visited their website & had wedding photos ideas we may be able to try, if the weather was good. As it turned out it was the hottest day of the year though being near the coast that brought sea fret - which can be seen in the photo on the bridge - though also adds to the atmosphere, I think.

I arrived early & had a good look around, some very nice locations & backdrops for their wedding photos.

I really liked Hackness Grange's wedding barn which is on a little island accessed via a bridge & in the middle of a small lake, surrounded by trees & the venue itself sits in a valley nestled between tree covered hills, all very picturesque.

Late in the evening, a little after the first dance we took a stroll in the now cool refreshing summer air, just after sunset, & created these three images.

The nighttime wedding umbrella photo with the couple works well in spring & autumn weddings though I have an idea for a summer look I hope to be trying soon too.


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